Monday, November 28, 2011

Photoless update

No new pictures at this time, but I have made a little progress.
I spent some time this weekend working on the software side of the Arcade.  I gave HyperSpin a look and was really impressed with how shiny it was.  My biggest problem with it was that it was just too heavy for the old PC I'm running the arcade on.  Even with the effects turned way down, the performance was poor.  Maybe if I upgrade the PC I'll take another look.
I had been testing both MameWAH and MaLA, and right now it looks like I'm sticking with MaLa.  I found a theme that I liked for a starting point and I've spent a little time customizing it.  The more I tweak it the more inspired I get to make more changes.
I also made some decisions about the control panel.  I had just decided to start from scratch and build everything myself when I happened to take a look at the X-Arcade website this weekend.  They were running a special holiday sale that was too good to pass up so I ordered the Tankstick.  I know, I know, I took a shortcut and robbed myself of part of the fun of building my own.  But, I have a plan.  I figure I'll install the Tankstick and play with it a while, but eventually will strip it down and use the parts build my own.

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