Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New (used) Enlarger For My Darkroom

OmegaD5XLEnlarger_a by Bruce Garner
OmegaD5XLEnlarger_a, a photo by Bruce Garner on Flickr.

I currently have a very tiny dark room and two enlargers that I have to swap in and out depending on if I'm printing from 35mm or from Medium format.  I'm missing key accessories from each enlarger to allow me to only use one.  When I started getting interested in large format, I decided to look for a single enlarger that will do 35mm, Medium and Large formats.  And it had to be a common enough model that parts and accessories could still be found.  I decided to look for either a Beselar M45 or an Omega D model.  What I found was this Omega D5 XL.  It's currently in a friend's garage in Knoxville where I found it on Craig's List, but I hope to bring it home soon.

I started tearing out the counter top in my darkroom (which is really just the back corner of my bedroom closet) to make room for this beast.  It is a monster.  I hope to have some photos up soon of it in it's new home.