Sunday, November 20, 2011

Paint is done.

I got back from my business trip Thursday night and was able to get some work done this weekend.

Saturday I applied my first coat of paint, installed the lock on the front door and starting putting the marquee together.  I bought the acrylic panel and hand a heck of a time cutting it.  I cut 2 pieces to fit the marquee area and sandwiched a test marquee between the glass.

Today, I put in all the shelves, built the backboard for the marquee and installed the new light.  I attached the back, sanded and applied my second coat of paint.  Tomorrow I'll try installing the T-molding.

Sill to do...  Design the real marquee, design and build the bezel.  Build or buy the control panel.  Buy the amp and swap the speakers out and build the speaker panel. Design the side art.  Plus I need to decide on and configure a software front end.  I'm testing MameWah and Mala right now and both are pretty cool.

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