Friday, December 2, 2011

Coin Door

Earlier this week I got my coin door from X-Arcade.  Here is how it looks.

 I was impressed by the quality of the door.  It seems to be well made.  The coin return has a red LED that has it's own AC adapter attached.  The coin mech seems to work well, it accepts quarters and rejects other coins.   I haven't tested the microswitch yet, but I expect it to work.

The Tankstick I ordered last weekend is on back-order but I should have it in another week to 10 days.  Then I can wire the coin door into the controls.


  1. I'm from europe and i'm looking forward to buy this coin door as well but, i have one doubt could you tell me what is the voltage needed to run the LED? Cause in my country the power plug is 220V and this isn't going to be all plug-and-play

    1. The power adapter for the door plugs into a US 110V outlet and outputs 5 volts, 1000mA to the LED. You could probably rig up power from the 5 volt lead from a PC disk drive harness.