Monday, July 29, 2013

Vertical Drum Smoker - Part 3

I finished up the sanding tonight and applied one coat of Rust-Oleum High Heat Flat Black paint.  This is just a bottom coat to protect the metal I've been sanding.  It took an entire 15 oz. can to cover the sides of the drum and part of the bottom.  I'll pick up another can to finish the bottom and to do any touch up work with.  I have to strip and paint the lid as well.  I also picked up a can of dark blue engine enamel today and the auto parts store.  I plan to use it for my top coat.

Here is a photo with most of the paint gone, I did a little more clean up work before I wiped the whole think down with alcohol to prepare it for the paint.
Flat black High Heat paint on the sides.  The top is still original.
Not very pretty here, but it was important to burn away and sand off any of the original paint before I use it for cooking.  As you can see, I haven't done the lid yet, but it will get done too.

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