Monday, July 29, 2013

Vertical Drum Smoker - Part 2

Sunday turned into a short day for working on my smoker.  Most of my day was committed to doing other things and I only had a small window to work on my drum.  That window was interrupted by a sudden thunderstorm making for an even shorter day than planned.

It started the day looking like this.  One of my kids asked me why I couldn't leave it green, but the paint it came with cannot stand even the relatively low heat of smoking.

Note, I removed this photo from my Google+ account.

The black color is from the burn to start removing paint before I did any sanding.  The silver is the bare metal after a bit of sanding..  I did manage to get it about 95% sanded down to the metal, but I still need to clean up the edges, dints, etc.  It took about two hours of work over Saturday and Sunday to get the whole drum looking like the middle section pictured above.  The bottom and lid still need to be worked on.

I'm still trying to decide what type of paint job to give it once I get cleaned up and a base coat applied.  Right now I'm toward a TARDIS style paint job.  Assuming I can find the paint colors I need.

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